Tuesday, October 1, 2013


UNO” was the main inspiration for my award winning children's book. She died on August 31, 2013 from a hyperactive thyroid as my wife and I watched. We’d rescued her from the garage we’d parked our car in over 12 years ago. Her one eye never stopped her from doing anything.

We have a few pictures of her and we’ll always have my award winning children’s book “A Lesson My Cat Taught Me” I to remember her by.  [
http://www.amazon.com/Lesson-My-Cat-Taught-Me/dp/1452810885 ]

The lesson she inspired for the book is the acceptance of others for who they are and not what they are. We can all learn a lot from our pets.

I would love for everyone to consider buying a copy of my book for that young member of your family.  The book’s intended audience is 5 – 8 years old.  However it’s enjoyable by readers of all ages.

The sad thing about my book is that although it had been the 3rd Place Runner-Up in the 2011 Sharp Writ Awards - Children's Book Category; a contest which is organized by Smart Book Lovers, the members of which all belong to MENSA and other Hi IQ groups, and that the children who are members of these group had judge the Children's Books, no one has seemed to be interested in the book.  I've got two additional manuscripts completed for children's book which are gathering dust until my first writing endeavor has garnered enough support to pursue publishing them.

I've already set out on what might be my final attempts to promote and market my book in the hopes I can at long last achieve the interest the book deserves.